The Documents Department is specialised in the examination, comparison and identification of known and questioned documents, including handwritten and machine produced documents (passports, visas, ID cards etc), impression marks and other related evidence.
The objective of the document department is to resolve issues relating to the authentication of documents and identification of the author of documents.
With a skilled forensic analyst, the department is committed to delivering quality and legitimate results, beneficial to crime solving.


Comparative analysis of Security Documents

  • Passport
  • Identification Card
  • Driver’s Licence
  • Birth Certificate

Authentication of Counterfeit Currency

  • Guyana Dollar
  • US Dollar
  • UK Pound Sterling


The department will be expanding into Handwriting analysis, charred document examination and Ink analysis in the near future.


The Document Department utilises a number of advanced technologies to process evidence, in addition to certified reference documents for comparison. of materials alongside a reference standard. These instruments include:

  • Video Spectral Comparator (Projectina Docucenter Nirvis)
  • PagSCAN Document Reader
  • Digital Measuring Microscope